Augmented reality was once the stronghold of movies and our imaginations but thanks to the release of iOS 11 and the hard work of many an app designer there are now countless apps that make use of augmented reality for a whole host of purposes. From fun to practical, there is no shortage of apps that will engage and inspire the whole family

Educational Apps

For kids that feel more comfortable learning behind a book or screen, AR apps with an educational bent can be a brilliant way to get your little ones out and about. Being glued to a smartphone or tablet and being active outdoors can feel like an oxymoron but with educational apps such as Dinosaurs Everywhere you can get your kids moving around in the great outdoors while encouraging their interest in Brachiosauruses, Raptors, Diplodocuses and other dino species.

Dinosaurs Everwhere allows you to see dino’s in the world around you, accurate to their real-life scale. The app works best in wide open spaces, what better way to get your kids exploring somewhere new than by having them follow Raptors or Triceratops.

Budding palaeontologists will enjoy the more educational features such as being able to zoom in on the dinosaurs for a better look at the creatures and also the single tap feature that pulls up more detailed information about the specific species.

The app is free to purchase and includes the ability to see 5 different dino species, upgrade to the premium service for an additional 5 dinos as well as extra features like the ability to take pictures of them.


Practical Apps

While we still don’t have Hoverboards like they did in Back to the Future and space travel isn’t a family holiday option yet, AR apps like Ikea Place and Google Translate will make you believe that we are living in the future! These AR apps have amazingly practical uses.

With Ikea Place you can virtually place Ike products into your room by viewing the location through your smartphone. Simply scan the room with the app, search for the product you are interested in and

place a virtual version of it in your room, close-up, scaling and angling features allows you the visual equivalent of try before you buy!


While you may be familiar with the desktop version of Google Translate, did you know that there is also an appversion that will translate the world around you (told you we were living in the future!)? With the App all you need to do is fire it up and look at a sign or piece of text in a foreign language with your phone camera and the translations will appear on screen… Talk about practical.

Build a family AR app 

If these apps have given you a taste for AR why not start a family project of building your very own AR app?! ZapWorks allows anyone to create thier own augmented reality experience, get started with a personal account that gives you 5 free AR experiences. Once you have used up your free ones, each additional creation is only £1.20.  

There is no better time to get creative and enter the world of AR.