The gift buying time of year is upon us!

Finding the right gift for the special people in your life can be a tricky business. If you find yourself exhausting the usual go-to gift ideas such as luxurious toiletries, days out to unusual places and edible delights why not consider a technologically minded gift?

For the person who has everything, or is incredibly picky in their likes, giving the gift of choice is an ideal way to make them smile on Christmas morning. With such an array of video, music and games on the iTunes platform, your gift recipients will be sure to find something that meets their discerning criteria.

Sometimes the problem is not so much that they are picky in what they want to entertain themselves with, but in fact, have such a huge variety of interests and are especially enamoured with finding new favourites. If this is the case for your giftee consider gifting them not an iTunes vouchers but an actual iTunes purchase instead. Search through iTunes to find a song, album, app or game that you think they might like to try and chose the gift option when it comes to purchasing it. Your recipient will receive an email with a link containing instructions on how to access the item. As there is no shipping involved this makes an ideal last minute gift if you are down to the wire in getting a hold of that perfect present.

Let’s be honest here, new tech can often be (eye-wateringly) expensive and not everyone has the liquid funds  to purchase the latest smartphone, laptop or tablet on a whim. For many people getting the latest version of something requires many months of saving up and squirrelling away money, why not give their tech fund a boost with a gift certificate to the company or shop of their choice. Yes, you could give them cold hard cash but there is always the chance that the money ends up being spent on something else. By purchasing a gift certificate your recipient will be reminded of your contribution to their interests when they do spend it.

Be aware that if you are looking to purchase something from the Apple universe, iTunes vouchers and Apple vouchers are not interchangeable, your recipient won’t be able to buy songs or games with an Apple voucher and conversely, they can’t put an iTunes voucher towards the purchase of airpods or a laptop.