Raise your hand if you like nothing better than getting busy with the vacuum…

**crickets chirping, followed by tumbleweed rolling by**

No takers? I thought so much. Vacuuming is one of those chores that the vast majority of us would gladly give up in a shot if we could. However, the small segment of society who would admit to enjoying a good vacuuming are likely to tell you that it all comes down to having the right tools for the job. When traditional upright and cylinder models just don’t quite cut it anymore it’s time to research other options.

Cordless and Handhelds

When space is a premium an upright or cylinder vacuum can take up a lot of precious storage space. Cordless vacuums are an ideal alternative, their compact size makes them ideal for apartment living and for smaller space like a caravan or boat. That said,  newer models are powerful enough to easily tackle larger homes.

Make the most of this small, but mighty, cousin of the traditional vacuums, by looking for a model that has a removable floor head that can easily convert it into a handheld model.  A handheld vacuum is ideal for dealing with small spills as they happen, keeping your place looking uniformly tidy for far longer. Its portability also means that you can finally get rid of all those crumbs in the back seat of the car.

Let’s face it, about 50% of the problem with vacuuming is the unwrapping and re-wrapping of the power cord that tops and the tails the whole endeavour, not to mention having to first extract it  and then return (i.e. stuff) it back into the cramped and often overflowing cupboard or nook that vacuums invariably find themselves in. A lightweight, streamlined and easy to store vacuum means you are more likely to use it on a regular basis.


The general dislike for vacuuming has had its benefits though… The Roomba, for example. The Roomba represents millions of pounds of investment, countless hours of work from highly skilled individuals and multiple leaps forward in our understanding of robotics and programming. All this advancement of technology in a desperate search for a way of getting out of the hoovering!

Roomba is the industry leader in this category, but other companies such as Neato and Dyson are making waves with robotic floor cleaners of their own. Robot cleaners range from having fairly basic sensors to guide them around to programmable memories and the ability to learn new routes independently. Many models now can even be controlled by an app.

Their appeal is obvious, you set it up and then simply let it do it’s thing, you are just responsible for keeping it charged and emptying it as it fills up. Let’s hope they are working on a robot that can put away the dishes next.

Lastly, there is extensive evidence on youtube too support the idea of robot vacuums being fun for the entire family…

Do your research 

A good vacuum is an investment. Just as you will spend time doing your research on finding the best model of vacuum for you, research where the best place to buy it is, be on the lookout for sales, and of course, you can always get deals at Groupon. Once you bring it home follow the maintenance guides: Changing out bags and filters in line with the manufactures guidelines will not only extend the life of your appliance but keep it working to the best of its capabilities, no matter it’s shape, style or AI capabilities.