Do you remember when the very first apps started being released? From a handful of options and applications to literally thousands upon thousands of apps for just about every need you can think of, the phrase ‘There’s an app for that!” has never been truer! The timeline of drones is not that dissimilar, once only available to those with deep pockets there is now a huge variety of drones available on the market. From professional videography to fun times with the family there is a drone to fit any interest level and budget. With all that being said, perhaps a more appropriate title for this article would have been: The drones are here!

Flying a drone well takes practice. If you want to get your kids interested in flying and/or learning abou the technology youar going to have to turn the controls over to them at some point you. It can be nerve-wracking letting them take solo control for the first time, a momentarily lapse in concentration can see your drone nosediving into concrete, the side of a building or the worst place of all- a body of water! Read on for our top two picks on easy to fly drones that(hopefully) won’t give you a heart attack every time someone tries out a new trick.

For Outdoors: Hubsan X4 Quadcopter

The Hubsan X4 Quadcopter consistently appears at the top of the easy-to-fly drone list’s  thanks to it’s responsive transmitter and ability to stabilize itself in mid-air. Another factor in its consistent high marks is its sturdy design that seems to hold up well to beginner error. Spare parts are also are easy to source and are as affordable as the drones £25 price tag should there be any serious crashes.

For indoors: Air Hogs ultimate Millennium Falcon

Wet weather can easily put a damper on drone flying but with the Air Hogs Ultimate Millenium Falcon, you can fly from the comfort of your pyjamas and comfy sofa spot. The body of this drone is constructed from foam making it safe to fly indoors and thanks to its Millenium Falcon shape (can you think of a better gift for a Starwars fanatic) the propellors are safely hidden away from the edges of the drone. The controller will be familiar to any video game enthusiast, the only downside of this drone is that it needs to charge for about an hour in order to fly for 8 minutes.

Happy flying!


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